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Shared Education 2022-2023

This year our Shared Education classes have recommenced with our P4 - P7 classes. Have a look at what we have been up to...


We had great fun during our first Shared Education session here in Dunmurry Primary School. This session focussed on what makes a good friend and how we work as part of team. With Mr Shephard we considered what qualities a good friend might need to have, and we thought about a 'recipe for the perfect friend'.  Mrs McKendry completed an art activity where we made 'hands of friendship'. Through PE, Mrs Wilson showed us some fundamental basketball skills which we got to practise. We learnt about the bounce pass and the chest pass. We were spent some time learning about how, when making these passes, we need to work as team, where we are watching each other, getting into good positions to pass into, and being ready to receive a pass from a teammate.


P6 had a fantastic day at St.Colman's PS along with Seymour Hill PS. We started with an ice-breaker activity of Human Bingo. We had lots of questions to ask the P6 children from the other schools, and we had to find people who matched the answers such as someone who has a pet dog, likes football or who can whistle as well as lots more questions. After a short break we split into three mixed groups and completed a rotation of activities all based around the theme of a healthy lifestyle. Mr Rainey explained the benefits of exercise and the children were planning ways in which they could schedule their recommended daily exercise of at least one hour. Mrs Tandy was looking at the impact of smoking and P6 completed a diamond to rank the dangers. Mrs Malcolmson explained the food groups through using the food pyramid and reminded the children of the importance of a balanced diet. P6 thoroughly enjoyed having lunch together and then playing outside. We ended our day with a walking debate. The children were presented with a number of statements and they had to walk with their feet to decide yes or no, several of the statements caused a debate. P6 are really looking forward to Day 2 of Shared Education.