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Shared Education

We are part of a Shared Education partnership with Seymour Hill Primary School and St. Coleman's Primary School.

We have worked with our partner schools for many years, initially as part of EMU and CRED (community relation programmes) projects, but since 2016, we have worked closely together as a Shared Education partnership. We prided ourselves on building up a programme where every child in our school experienced Shared Education, from P1 right through to P7. 

Recently we have restarted our programmes, which where paused due to Covid, and are aiming to reach the same level of engagement that we had before the pandemic.

Our programmes seek to promote mutual respect, reconciliation and understanding between the pupils in our schools. During Shared Education, each pupil will get to participate in a variety of activities, centred around PE, The Arts and PDMU, that develop a progressive set of skills, capabilities, attitudes and dispositions, as set out by the Shared Education Pupil Pathway, that help break down barriers and improve and nurture community relations. Click on the link to see what we have been up to recently.