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Ethos and Values



It is our mission at Dunmurry Primary School to nurture all pupils in a safe, caring and child-centred environment and to empower them to thrive in a community in which social, moral and spiritual values are promoted so that the rights of all are respected.



Nuturing, Empowering, Thriving






Our Vaules

  • To create a nurturing educational environment in which every child feels safe, happy and secure.
  • To develop in each child independence and self-confidence while showing respect and understanding of others.
  • To provide a high quality learning environment in which pupils are motivated, challenged and supported to empower them to achieve and become life-long learners.
  • To develop a balanced curriculum, appropriate for each child's needs, which takes into account our rapidly changing society.
  • To work together with pupils, parents and the wider community in an atmosphere of mutual respect, so that all can thrive.