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The aim of the curriculum is to empower learners to become responsible contributors to our society, through the promotion and development of their personal, social, and academic skills. The Northern Ireland Curriculum is broken down in various ‘Areas of Learning’ which are used to progressively develop skills of ‘Communication’, ‘Using Mathematics’ and ‘Using ICT’ as well as capabilities such as ‘Managing Information,’ ‘Thinking, problem solving and decision-making', ‘Being creative’, ‘Working with others’ and ‘Self-management  

The NI Curriculum Areas of Learning are:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • The Arts (which includes art,Drama and Music
  • The World Around Us (including history, geography, and science)
  • Personal Development and Mutual understanding
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education

Although set out as six distinct areas, much of the teaching and learning overlaps between each area, allowing the children to make connections within what they have learned. We strive to ensure that the learning experiences provided for each child are relevant, engaging, and enjoyable and framed within a both supports and challenges pupils to develop their learning.

Aside from these areas we also offer further opportunities for children to enrich their school life.

Music Tuition

We offer music tuition for woodwind and string instruments, as well as piano, which is provided by specialist teachers. These lessons take place on a weekly basis for children from P4 through to P7, for any children who may be interested in learning a new instrument.


Learning a second language improves children's communication skills and literacy skills as well as developing their inter-cultural awareness. We provide weekly Spanish lessons with a specialist tutor for all children from P1 to P7.

School Residentials

We offer two residential trips for our children. In P6 pupils visit Delamont Education Centre and P7 pupils visit The Share Centre. Both residential's provide an opportunity to develop skills such as self-management, teamwork and problem solving as well as building up confidence and resilience.

As a school we value what the children achieve and support them throughout the process of learning by always ensuring they are aware of, and have input to, the learning intentions of each activity and they know what is expected. Through building an open relationship between learning and teachers in our school, teachers can provide feedback and advice on what and how children need to do to improve their learning. We celebrate our children's success on an individual, class and whole school basis regularly. Throughout this process children are encouraged to, and often do, take risks within their learning.

The Curriculum is infused into the school's ethos and values; the way the school is organised, the equality of opportunity, the personal relationships, the attitudes and values which we intend children to develop during their time at Dunmurry Primary School. It is our aim that through this consistent approach, each child attending our school will grow, develop,learn and thrive.

Through appreciating that each child is unique we seek to support our pupils, in whichever way we can, to access this curriculum and achieve their potential